7 in June...

Today, I'll have to leave,
They never say why,
We're so lost inside,
On our on way,
You never said goodbye,
I'll always was waiting,
For one single minute,
The sun's shining like a star,
But my soul's never going sane,
I was told that you lost your on way,
I'll help you find the same,
Dream that even yesterday was,
Just like a nightmare,
But today you'll loose all.
7 Days, 7 Rights, 7 Thoughts, 7 Nights, 7 Things...
Forever free and never happy,
I'm done here with my last...
Your nature's bad,
My life is dark because
Of your sins,
She's never coming back again,
I'll give my all to them,
And they've done all of this...
For us who have fallen,
I'm bleeding inside,
Please tell my story to all,
When I'm gone,
And no one will know,
How it'll go.

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