sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

Broken heart...

"Stay still, don't move an inch because I'm wrapped around you...and if you make a move than I will break to pieces. Am I still in your heart? Am I?...If you still love me a little bit than embrace me so hard that I could never fall from your secret place of your soul. Save me, don't let me go, if I fall from your arms then it's all over for me, I'll give up and never come back to your side.........You love someone else, I see...you don't want me anymore, I'm a shadow for you, just a toy to play around when your bored....I'm sorry for myself because I couldn't see right from the start, who were you in love with....I take my leave now and please love her the way your heart shines.....Thank you for the memories I'll keep them in a corner filled with love and warmth."

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